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A centre for the Central Coast marine and coastal environment and its social and economic values.



Eco-accreditation, continual improvement and sustainability.

The Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre (CCMDC) was established to sustainably educate, protect and explore the Central Coast marine environment. In the years since we established in 2009, sustainability has become better understood and implemented.

First, we promote energy saving to reduce costs. This was done by measuring usage and installing energy savings where possible. This included efficient light globes, careful use of air conditioning and other use of energy. Cooling by natural ventilation helped to reduce costs.

Installing new Solar Panels and a battery in 2018 saw the beginning of renewable energy. A further 10 kW was installed in the next 6 months. By the end of 2018, energy costs had been reduced by 70%. Further improvements in heating and cooling are expected to reduce this by another 50% over the next 2 years.

Water usage is used for toilet flushing and hand washing and some food preparation. The quantity is 144 kL / annum. This is expected to be reduced by 25% with rainwater capture, reduced consumption and better designs over the next 2 years. The CCMDC supports the CEN Waterwatch program, where schools and community volunteers monitor water quality in creeks and waterways, with a regular donation.

Sustainability is also about biodiversity and caring about our surrounding natural environment. The CCMDC sits next to Terrigal Lagoon and the 25 Ha. of foreshore reserve. Regenerating and weeding the bushland has become part of what the CCMDC does since 2015. This is funded through grants, donations and in-kind volunteer efforts.

When we started the new Extensions we recycled the Aluminium Windows and used recycled Stainless Steel for the commercial kitchen to save on embedded energy and cost.

The CCMDC supports both the -

  1. Pathway on Climate Change
  2. The Community Plan on Climate


Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre wants everyone to be able to access our facilities and we strive to improve the experience for our guests. For visitors and volunteers with disabilities or special needs please see our accessibility plan.

Accessibility Plan

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